Month: March 2011

It’s back to school time

Today’s newest acquisition

Once the firewall has been rebuilt in the car, the next job is getting the bonnet, bumper and other related cooling areas modified so that the car can be repainted.  So while the weather is hot, some time will be spent working out the most efficient way to get air into the radiator and intercooler, and how to get it out as fast as possible, hopefully adding downforce at the same time (or at a minimum, not creating any lift).

This book goes much further than that, with wings, splitters, undertrays, diffusers etc all covered, and these area’s will be exploited after the car is back running again, as they are all areas that can easily be added on later.

With the aero experimenting that I have done so far, the biggest challenger in all of this is going to be getting enough front downforce to be able to match the downforce from the rear diffuser and wing.  This is the reason why I’m investing time now to get the cooling intakes and exits as best as they can be (as they are all in the front).



I have seen, the light…

This really should have been “Diversions – Part 5 of 4,675,432”, but I’m too excited, so needed a better title!

I’ve been growing increasingly frustrated when trying to work under the car at night, under the light of a torch, so after mowing the lawn, concreting in the posts for Jo’s new half wall outside, I started.

First off, cheers to Shane for giving these fluros that he pulled out of his place during his renovations.  Each fluro is a twin, 36w job, and I’ve mounted one one each side of the posts of the hoist (4 twins in total!)  I’ve still got some minor cleaning up of wiring to do, but its effectively done.

And its BRIGHT!!!!   I think that I could easily remove one tube from each fluro and still have heaps of light!

It’s so bright under there now that even with my iPhone, taking a photo of under the car looks like

Just a random shot, for good measure…

So, off to Bunnings tomorrow to get a couple of little bits to finish it off, pending my F1 commitments of course 🙂

I can’t wait until I get the shed wall/roof insulation done, so that I can get the lights on the roof done.

New World Record!

Two shed nights in a row!

Gearbox mount is done, although it looks nothing like what it did yesterday.  I figured out that flipping it upside down (in concept) would mean that I could take advantage of the strength of the small tube, and make the whole thing a lot lighter.  So, the bracket go all cut up, and I started welding again…

So now, this tube bolts to the gearbox.

And the tabs are on the main gearbox x-member

So, when they are together…


Sorry for the poor pic quality – iPhones taking photo’s under torch light doesn’t lend itself to quality.

It’s really starting to annoy me that I don’t have my proper lights in the shed put up yet. Out in the open area’s its not too bad, but trying to assemble parts under the car is giving me the ……….

So maybe tomorrow night needs to be dedicated to lights, instead of car.  I feel Diversions, part 5 coming on.

Anyway, the gearbox mount is all done, all painted up and fitted!

Shed time!

Well, it was only 1.5hrs, but got a bit done tonight on the gearbox mount.

Machined the alloy crush tube, the outer moly tube, cut and welded the bracket.

The bracket needs some little braces and a finish off (round off the corners, etc), but its almost there.

As for how these bits go together….   The larger bracket bolts to the gearbox with the studs.  The purple poly pieces go inside the large tube.  The alloy tube goes inside all of this.  The bolt goes through the tabs on the main bracket, and through the alloy tube, locking it all together.  The final piece of the puzzle – the larger tube will be welded onto the gearbox cross member, that is bolted to the shell of the car.

The engine mounts that I have already done are the same configuration.

Until next time.

A history lesson – Brakes

The idea behind me doing this was to chronicle what I’m building.  As I’m still on the couch sick, nothing new is being done, so I thought I’d share some old pics.

These are from the big brake upgrade of 2004 (And they have since been upgraded again, twice :))

Burning the old bushes out of the knuckles – this stuff stinks.  Of course, with my usual knack of wanting to make my life harder, I also swapped out all the rear bushes with nolathane at this point too.

Front end all apart…

New Z32 calipers, all painted up with nowhere to go.

Rear caliper, after painting and re-assembly

All corners assembled and ready for fitting.

Ohh, and the rims in the post above, looked like this after being sanded down and repainted.  During this swap I went from the 4 stud to the 5 stud pattern.

The 5 stud swap used s15 lower control arms, which are longer.  nice for camber, not for tie rod length.  New longer ones were needed.

Rear brakes assembled.  New bushes and everything are in place.  Yes, I’ve got no shoes on.  I’m just glad that its a downward camera angle.

Front brakes done.

There is a bit of irony in this shot above, stock s13 front suspension and AP600 Racing brake fluid…

All back together, new brakes all round, suspension bushes, rack ends and rims

Her old home….

And just for some more useless nostalga

My first ever pair of R-Comp tyres – secondhand of course.

On our next trip down memory lane we’ll get into some of the more serious stuff.

PS – a special one for you JC.

The current project

So, with the constant want of going faster, we took the decision to make some major mods now, rather than just put the new motor back.  It’s going to mean missing at least the first half of the season, but the aim again for this year is a 1st outright – again, Meelup is the target.

So, JC came over one day, and look what he made me do!

So, let the fun begin…..


The poor old red top gets 8000rpm, time and time again, and as she’s now 18 years old, its time for her to be retired.

Each event at the end of 2010 was putting more and more oil into the catch tank, where as at the start of 2010, it would not put a single drop in there.

So, after changing my mind 34, 546, 286 times, I went for an S15 blacktop.

Here it is, after having the mj treatment for the “full race spec” treatment for completely stock motors 🙂

Aero – let the fun begin

For the Meelup 2010 Hillclimb, JC and I started with some aero fun.  Most it was just an experiment on if we could actually get good gains from it.


2 seconds faster than last year!  2nd outright – not real impressed, I was going for the win.

But I was 100% committed for the whole run, so nothing more I could have done……

Next time…

Phase One

The first phase of developments were all under the skin, upgrading brakes, diff, suspension, intercooler, ecu etc etc etc…


Did a lot of racing at MC, and other motorkhana’s during this phase of her life.  I wanted to go and run some hillclimbs and other event through the tree’s, but wanted to get a cage in her first.

I have the inability to drive at anything less than 110%, anything less doesn’t excite me, so I wanted to beef up the safety so that the day I do go off, I’ll be safe(er).

Where the tarmac racing started

After winning the Clubman Cup Rally championship in 2001, the car was sold with the hope of upgrading to a 4wd turbo rally car.

With building a house and not having enough money to run a car at the front of the state championship outright field it was time to look at new challenges – plus we needed a second road car…


It was during September 2003 when she was purchased.  Apart from the ugly rims, she was in exceptional condition for her age.

It almost makes me sad to look at her today, she’s very tatty now, although she’s sooooo much faster now.