Month: November 2015

Event over…

On the trailer slightly early unfortunately…  Although we learnt a lot and its good to have the cars first run completed.


Funny how a tiny piece can end your fun


If you look closely, the bracket that holds the fuel rail has snapped in half…..

We’ve made a new bracket for it, so we won’t see this happen ever again.  I’m a little bit annoyed, one of the few parts on the car that I bought off the shelf, and I get a throttle that won’t return properly, and a part that breaks.  On a positive note the 100 other parts that I made all survived very well :).


So, the story – We made it to the mid day service, albeit with a sticking throttle causing more than a few issues, then on our way back to the 5th stage the motor coughed, spluttered and then stopped – all the fuel was leaking out of the fuel rail.

With the throttle hanging when the engine was hot, it made driving ‘interesting’ to say the least, we never got to attempt a fast stage time because of this, but it was good to see that none of the things that I had built broke off.

Some images courtesy of BJP Motorsport Photography

IMG_3486 IMG_3487

Finishing bits

Been far to busy thrashing to get it done to take enough pics, but we’re getting to the last of the items, like the door trims etc.

Door trims done, with special navi pouch and pen holder – spoilt navigator 🙂

IMAG0813.jpg IMAG0814.jpg


Got the last of the bodywork finished – rear flares mounted.



Scrutineering is in a few days, still so much to do…