Month: May 2015

Rear suspension arms, version 2

Started version 2 of the lower control arms, lighter and stronger.


Since building the other arms, the rims have changed and I have widened the track a bit more, so these needed to be longer.

Have also started on all of the other arms in the rear of the car.  I don’t have a bender for the smaller diameter moly tube, so version 1 of this arm is just a modified stock arm.


Coming together.


Also started on the spacer for the drive shafts.  As its a bit wider than stock, it needs longer drive shafts.  Again, version 1 is going to be an adaptor, version 2 will happen when I find some longer shafts that will fit these CV joints.

Started with a square billet of alloy, and then started the process of removing 80% of it….

IMAG0232  IMAG0234  IMAG0259 IMAG0263

And finally, all fitted up.


Managed to find a front bumper for $10, very happy with that price.  It was snapped in half, but nothing some fibreglass, screws, bits of metal and body filler can’t fix!  This will be the buck, will take a mold of this and then make a nice light front bumper.


And I still hadn’t finished cleaning up the shed that I started last weekend, so did a bunch more of that too.

This is the first time I’ve seen the top of this bench in years!  Thanks wifey.


She’s cooked

She is finally off the rotisserie and on her own legs, albeit temporary legsIMAG0195

Also made the rear bumper, just need to wash the PVA release off it and it’s ready to go!


The rest of the time was moving the car onto the hoist again, and cleaning up the last few weeks mess – the shed was looking like it had been bombed.

Throttle bodies have arrived

Even though this current motor is just stock internally, the future plans are for a high compression NA engine capable or 9000rpm, so I’ve started collecting nice parts for it.

Throttle bodies were the first items to arrive.



First job was to make a manifold/adaptor for it.  Used some standard manifolds that were laying around, and turned them into a nice flange to build apon.



And the finished job 🙂  Its not going to have a lot of grunt, being stock and all, but at least now it will sound good.


IMAG0265  IMAG0264