The Cars

1999 Nissan Silvia (S15)



The D15 – 2018

Stock SR20DE engine, quad throttle bodies

Velo Apex seats

Schroth Harneses

Stilo Intercom

Monit G100 Rally Computer

Haltech PS1000 ECU

Motec Dash

R33 GTR Skyline callipers and discs all round.

4.6 ratio LSD

Custom MCA Gold Series Suspension

Total Weight – 1090kg


The Wish List:

Holinger SG close ratio sequential 6 speed gearbox

Built engine.


Previously built cars.


2011 Jossvia (Custom Chassis and body, Silvia running gear)


S15 SR23DET, bored and stroked to 2.35L – Mazworkx block

Ported Head

GT2860RS Turbo (Disco Potato)

HKS Stage 2 Cams, valve springs, collets, etc

350Z 6 Speed Gearbox

OsGiken twin plate clutch

4.3 ratio diff with Nismo 2 way LSD centre

5 Zigen rims, 9″ fronts with 240 Dunlop slick tyres, 9.5″ rears with  240 Dunlop slick tyres

340mm GTR front rotors with 4 piston callipers on custom dogbone, 296mm rear rotors with twin piston callipers.

2000cc injectors

E85 Enthanol Fuel

Lexan Windows

Custom fibreglass body

Haltech PS1000 ECU

Racepack Data Logging Dash

Total weight with all fluids 880kg

400hp at the tyres


1992 Nissan Silvia (S13)


Red Top SR20DET

GT2860RS Turbo (Disco Potato)

Tomei Pon Cams

X-Clutch lightweight moly flywheel and 9 puck clutch

S13 5 Speed Gearbox

4.6 ratio diff with Nismo 2 way LSD centre

Buddy Club P1 rims, 8″ fronts with 235 R-Comp tyres, 9″ rears with 255 R-Comp Tyres

340mm GTR front rotors with 4 piston calipers on custom dogbone, 296mm rear rotors with twin piston calipers.

550cc injectors

Apexi PowerFC – > Haltech PS1000 ECU

Racelogic Performance Box -> Racepack Data Logging Dash

290hp(98) -> 350hp(E85) at the wheels during its life time.


1984 Toyota Sprinter (AE86)




Finer Filter Pod and cold air intake.

TRD High Tension Leads

TRD Camshaft


T50 close ratio gearbox with custom 1st-3rd gears, custom short shifter (Tony Flood Mechanical)

Disc Brake rear end with custom 5.1 ratio diff on a TRD LSD centre (Tony Flood Mechanical)

6 point Roll Cage (Tony Flood Mechanical)


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