Month: August 2014

Cage Progress

I started with the main hoop, getting that bent and fitted in place.


Then the cross in the main hoop starts to take shape.


Seat belt mounting bars in


All of the rear bars tacked into place.


As I’m still waiting for the bending die for the 40mm tube to arrive I can’t do any of the A Pillar bars etc, so have just mocked up a few designs for the top part of the side intrusion bars and Carlos bar. The side bars will consist of two complete bars, forming an X in the door way, with a slight flat section in the centre (where the white sticky tape is)


Mini Update

A lot of work, but not much progress over the last few weeks.   Machined up a couple of new strut towers for my mates Sports Sedan.



And spent a day helping make the mold for the front of the car.



Plus a day making the new front.



Add to that making an engine and transmission cover for a bus, there has not been much to do on the D15


Did manage to get my other three jack stands finished on Sunday night though.

. IMAG1944[1]


And the bending die has been ordered, so that I can bend the cage tube, and the tube will arrive this week – so can hopefully start the cage on the weekend.