Month: March 2012

Car miss fire is fixed.

Got it back on the dyno last night and found and fixed the miss fire!

One config option in the ECU settings was not correct, change that and its all good now.  Still have no idea how it ran on Friday practice, all Saturday at the hill climb, then decided to stop on Sunday without anything being changed…..

Off to Busselton tonight for the next event.


Back in town

Been in Melbourne for almost the last week, back in Perth now, so I’ll have to get back into it tomorrow night, searching for this ignition issue and fixing up some of the items that I never got finished before Collie.

The Busselton sprint is less than two weeks away now!

I’ve got a bunch of Aero changes that I’d like to make, but they may have to wait until a touch later in the year.

After Busso the next big task is a new paint job, as she looks very beat up right now.

The second event

Today was the sprint at the Collie circuit.  Today was the opposite of yesterday…  When we started on the first practice, it was misfiring above 5500rpm.

At each run, we tried different things, replaced different parts, etc and never found the issue.  It may have killed a coil, more investigation required.

In order to set a lap time, I did one lap flat out, but short shifting before 5500 rpm in each gear.  We did a 49.1, which was still good enough for 4th outright, 2nd in class.  Ohh what could have been if we had a working motor…

I’m knackered beyond belief, going to sleep for a few days…

Friday Practice

The first real outing at the track, all went very well.

My previous best at the Collie circuit was a 48.4, today we did a 47.6, straight off the trailer!!

Things look good for the event on Sunday, as I feel that there is a 46.9 in it, if not better.  Time will tell…