Month: March 2013

Its been a while…

After being away for a week,  sick for a week,  then busy for a week,  I finally got some car work done.


Got the new roof bars bent up.


And the new side intrusion bars bent up.

Hopefully I’ll get some time this weekend to fit them all in.


Future framing

Got a good days work  in on Monday.  Took all of the bars out of the floor and re-aligned them to better suit the new gearbox.

Then got started on the new trans tunnel, again to make it larger to make the gearbox fit better.



A view of the same, from the rear.



Then started working on the design of the rear shocks and rocker – trying to work out where to fit it all.




We’ve also been continuing work on making and mounting all the fibreglass components.

The roof, skirts and rear are ll mounted and complete.


It’s all progressing nicely.