Month: July 2013

My type of roses


Rose joints that is.

Got a gravel rally this weekend, then hopefully the one after I can start on the suspension arms 🙂


New part fitted

I’ve never had a removable steering wheel on any of my race cars, but with the new setup, with the seat so low and the side intrusion bars so high, I need it just get in!  Very excited 🙂


Nice new stainless steel bolts 🙂


Another few hours done

Stared off re-making part of the steering mount.  This one is a little lighter, but more importantly its now adjustable.



After that it was finishing off the bar work at the front of the car.  Two more bars have been added to the drivers side, which now completes the main chassis – next is welding on all of the brackets and mounts needed to hold everything else on.

image image


Next up was some thinking time.  To get the weight rearward as much as possible I wanted to put the radiator in the back.  The only spot that it will fit is very high up – not good for CofG height.  So I’m currently considering putting it on the passenger side floor – it gets the weight towards the rear, its down very low and its going to even out the weight across the car.  If I do it, will duct the air in via the passenger door, then out the rear of the car.  Still a thought in progress this one…



While thinking of where to mount things, and being unsure about the radiator idea, it was onto the intercooler mounting location.  This one was an easier decision, so I make a removable front section, with mounts on it for the intercooler.  This removable section will also hold the front end bodywork to the car.

image image image


After that, I made a horse…


For the kids.