Month: January 2013

Passenger side sil bar is in

The passenger bars have all been cleaned up and the  side sil bar is in.


Next job is to make some gussets to strengthen it all up.  They will be something like this.


Although they wont be made from paper 🙂

After a couple of hours shooting sparks at myself, my arms look like this


Looks like some sort of tropical disease….   Still not sure why i like doing this……….


Chassis mods begin.

Had a couple of shed hours tonight, so I got started.

The seat is out, the upper  firewall is out, roof and screen are off, all of the passenger side sil panel and B pilar etc are gone.


I was sure I had more, but I only had 2 cutting discs for the grinder, so the drivers side B pillar and sil panel will have to wait until tomorrow night.

The A pillars will come off at the same time.  The bits that are left on there are welded to the cage.


Hopefully tomorrow night I can get an hour of work in and I’ll get the rest of this cleaned up and start preparing the new bars that will go into the roll cage and get those tack welded in.


I’ve pulled my roof from the mold, some bits are a touch light (3.2kg total weight) and so are a bit flexi, so I’ll put a bit more fibreglass on some of the areas to stiffen it up.


Going all in…

I’m in a difficult spot right now.  The rear bodywork is wider, so the suspension arms need to be longer, and if I’m going to change them I want to change the rear end geometry, to do that I need to change the rear subframe, and when I do that I want the diff to be higher, this means that the gearbox and motor need to go up because the gearbox hangs too low and so that the tailshaft stays lined up with the higher diff, and this means the trans tunnel needs to be raised, and the under dash bar needs to be raised so that I can raise the motor, and this means new engine and gearbox mounts, so with the under dash bar going higher the motor can come back more, and so it goes…..

So to do it right, a lot needs to be done.  I really want to add more hollywood to the car, and have it really nice and have it right – rather than compromised because its easier.


So last night, while waiting for the first coat of epoxy to set on the roof layup, I started stripping the rest of the car.



Love the fact that 10 bolts on the front end gets it looking like this…



Doors are also off, all the electrics are bolted, the trans tunnel is apart, the passenger side firewall is off.  Amazing what you can pull off a car in 30 minutes.


This would be a nice ride height 🙂


So I’ll cut the roof off first, then start adding new bars for the cage, then start on the rear end framework.

Roof layup v2


I got my roof layed up last night.  Its a mix of carbon and kevlar more the main area.


The yellow that is visible here i the Kevlar cloth (the stuff they use in bullet proof vests).

I’ll leave it in the mold for the day today in the oven (the shed on a 35 degree day), and will pull it out tonight.


More product out of the molds

Saturday was a long, but productive day.

We now have 4 doors completed, 4 side skirts completed, a roof done, another roof partially complete.

All we have left to do, in terms of layups,  is clean up the rear end molds, then we can lay those up too – the last ones!


Then the work begins with hinges, clips etc to hold these parts to the chassis.

Pics soon…

Lots of progress tonight

We got the roof out of the mold and all trimmed up, looks fantastic!


The roof mold has been cleaned and re-waxed ready for the next one to be layed up – another job for Sat.

Two doors are layed up, we’ll pull those out on Sat morning.

Both sideskirts are fully cleaned up and are ready for laying.


I also got some roll cage tube so the items that I want to add / change on the rollcage and to make the new rear chassis section.  It’s going to be a busy long weekend!


First roof layup complete!

The roof is all layed up, now to wait for it to set so that we can crack it out and see what it looks like in all it’s carbon glory!



The molds for the doors are now 100% complete too, can lay those up tomorrow night.



We also got one side skirt almost totally cleaned up, and have applied resin to the chipped area’s on the other mold ready to sand up tomorrow night.


Carbon roof begins!

The fun starts now…



The Carbon is draped over the mold in the pic above.


Below is after the resin has been applied!



This is the bad side, and its still looks so good!




We also got the door molds to about 95% finished.  Some final sanding tonight and they can be layed up as well.


Mold progress report


After a 16hr day, here are the results:

The molds of both doors are complete.  The rear trim and the corner piece where the stock mirror once sat are both now incorporated into  the mold (the plan changed after we had made the basic door mold.)



The mold for the roof is off the car, has been all cleaned, sanded down and polished and has been bolted back together.  The roof is now ready to be layed up with some carbon.  One night this week we will lay up the first roof.


JC pretending to work as the camera is out. 😛


And then I was just walking along with the angle grinder and tripped over and then….


The roof came off…

With that gone I welded a few area up, linished off all the areas that used to mount to the roof and generally cleaned up bits that were impossible to get to before.

We’ve also almost finished cleaning up all of the rear molds, side skirts etc.  A couple of nights this week should see those complete, ready to lay up a full car next weekend.

Doesn’t sound like much progress for a long day, but we’re into that phase of doing all of the little, fiddly bits now and that takes a long time.

More after Tuesday night.

Roof done, door pieces in progress

Poor car….


Just to think we spent days and days getting it all perfectly clean, perfectly smooth….


The shots of the roof show the re-enforcement’s to keep it from flexing when we remove it from the roof and lay up the new roof.


Above, you can see the flanges that will allow up to get the mold off the roof, by pulling it apart.

Below, we have started on the remaining trim pieces for the doors.  The bit below is where the side mirrors would mount on a standard car.

Here, they have just been coated in gelcoat.  Next the fiberglass goes on top of this, making it look more like the roof pics above.


Here is the just finished mold of the trim that sits between the back of the door windows and the rear 3/4 windows.


More to come on Saturday!

Roof mold nearly complete

The mold for the side skirts have now all been trimmed up and we’ve started on getting the main body molds all cleaned up ready to start laying up the first body.  A few more hours on those and they’l’ be perfect.

We continued on the roof, with the side sections now 100% complete, and the center section just requiring one more layer over the re-enforcement that we have added.


We’ve got lots of the molds ready to go now, so hopefully by the weekend we’ll have layed up our first final product!


Will have pics of all this after tonight…

Roof molds have begun

The roof has been leveled out as much as I’m capable of (or as much as I can be bothered doing!).  The roof used to have a sunroof, so we spent quite some time getting it all perfect.

Now that that is done, we’ve started laying the glass.  The mold will be in three parts, hence the flange for the join sticking up into the air.

image image

Tomorrow night we can remove the support for the fence, and lay up the other part of the roof, and the A-pillars.


Skirt molds

The first 3 layers of glass are on the skirts.  Plus another pending project in the back ground.


Some reinforcements and 2 more layers and they will me done!

Also layed up some flat bits for the upper part of the door vents.  This will make more sense in the next week when we fabricate it.

Started by polishing the form board.


Then put PVA on it, followed by gelcoat.


Then two layers of glass and leave it to set.

Here it is, all set, removed from the board and turned over to show the finished side.