Mold progress report


After a 16hr day, here are the results:

The molds of both doors are complete.  The rear trim and the corner piece where the stock mirror once sat are both now incorporated into  the mold (the plan changed after we had made the basic door mold.)



The mold for the roof is off the car, has been all cleaned, sanded down and polished and has been bolted back together.  The roof is now ready to be layed up with some carbon.  One night this week we will lay up the first roof.


JC pretending to work as the camera is out. 😛


And then I was just walking along with the angle grinder and tripped over and then….


The roof came off…

With that gone I welded a few area up, linished off all the areas that used to mount to the roof and generally cleaned up bits that were impossible to get to before.

We’ve also almost finished cleaning up all of the rear molds, side skirts etc.  A couple of nights this week should see those complete, ready to lay up a full car next weekend.

Doesn’t sound like much progress for a long day, but we’re into that phase of doing all of the little, fiddly bits now and that takes a long time.

More after Tuesday night.


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