Month: November 2014

More welding…

Most of the seam welding is done now, so its time to do more welding.  As a part of the rules you can cut out 75mm of the wheel arch metal work to fit flares, you just need to fill it back in with metal in a ‘safe’ way, no sharp edges etc.


So these are all filled back in now, nearly time to clean up all the metal and add some paint!


Sick of welding…

Sick of seam welding, so for ‘fun’ I welded up a wheel brace for the car out of moly tube leftovers.IMAG2137

I know, I have issues 🙂

Added some paint to the upper parts of the cage, and the roof skin, then welded that back onto the car.  The rest will be done when the rest of the inside gets painted.  Did these bits while the roof was off, because it the cage is so tight to the roof that its the only way I’ll be able to get paint on the tops of these tubes.