Month: March 2014

Mini update

Well, the Sydney to London Marathon trip in the Falcon is now the Sydney to Perth trip – so I’ve got a little bit more time on my hands before I go, as I’ve got a lot less to organise now that I’m only away for two weeks…

Spent a couple of hours on Sunday relaxing…


Was really missing the smell of fibreglass resin – so thought I’d start making a mount to connect the stock S15 door mirror holder to my aftermarket mirrors.

I cut up the stock S15 mirror mount, and started making a section to match the mount on the mirrors.

Got that all sanded up and then painted on a coat of hi build filler.


While the paint on that was drying…

I started working on the doors.  As usual removing anything that wasn’t needed any more.  Due to the rules I can’t just cut out the whole inside of the door and install a Lexan window like I want to 😦 – So it was the less exciting task of removing the wiring for the electric mirrors, removing the central locking, sound deadening etc.

I’ve gotten all of the wiring in the door down to these two – for the windows (and they have to stay) – got to try out the new wire sheath material that I bought though!  I like it!

One small step towards it being ‘hollywood’.


Started sanding up the roof vent.  Then added some more bog to it.

Image IMAG0228 IMAG0229

Then, while that was drying…


Started making up a frame so that I could build the wheel arch flares.  First step was to make a copy of the shape of the arch, so that I can use that, spaced out 50mm, to form the new arches.



With that spaced out and tack welded in place, layed some plastic strip on it.

Image Image


Stuck a peice of plastic to the side of the whole thing to keep the stuff in place, then unloaded a can of expanding foam…



This morning, this is what it looked like with the outside plastic removed, and lightly trimmed.

IMAG0231 IMAG0233


Need to find my creative side now and start carving up the shape that I want.



Long time no see

It’s been a while, and I am still here!

The last few months have been working on the Falcon for the big event next month.  I’ll be back mid May, and then things will start up again in anger!

Over that time I did get a couple of little jobs done on weekends when the Falcon was at other workshops…


Most of the tar and sealer have been cleaned off from the passenger side.

IMAG0132 IMAG0135


Various parts of the interior metalwork have been removed temporally to fit the cage.  These will be replaced one the cage is welded in.

Left side has been removed, so allow access to the rear strut to, where the cage will mount to.  Right side is still in place.



I made the re-enforcement plates for the floor where the main hoop will attach.




Then made a prototype of an axle stand, that fits into the side of the car



The tube poking out of the stand will fit into tubes welded into the side of the car.

First job was to drill the holes into the side of the car.



Only to find out that your hole saw is not long enough to make it all the way through…..

No problems, just cut an old one in half, and weld a peice of chrome-moly tube in the middle, to make it longer 🙂  Shows the before and after



On the inside, the tube that pokes out the side of the car was first welded onto this plate, then the plate was welded into the car.



Meaning that from the outside you get this.

Rear mount




Front mount.


 There will be another plate welded on around this tube on the outside, then it will be ground flat.


The end result is something that looks like this

rally stands



Until next month!