Month: November 2011

Front Enders

Been a little slack in updating recently…

So, the other weekend I started construction on the last parts of the chassis – the very front end. I lot of the time was taken mocking up the possible locations for the radiator and the intercooler.

In the picture above, the center section of the radiator support panel has been removed, and replace by a lightweight bar.  As I continue to work on the front end, I will slowly remove all of the original front end metalwork, just leaving the lights, bumper and front fenders hanging from the new frame.

Another view…

Mocking up of the radiator and intercooler positions (and yes, I have a wooden strut brace and a cardboard intercooler.  These will be fine unless it rains :))


The I had a couple of other things to clean up.  The second hand dump pipe that I got for the S15 had a small crack in it, so I welded that back up.  Just need to wait until I get the car passed over the pits for the manual gearbox conversion, then this will be fitted up.



The weekend mega post

This update starts with reflections.

Strange reflections that is…

Jo is hogging the garage with two of her cars, so my girls are sleeping together in the shed.

How cozy.

Onto the real progress.  Most of the time was spent doing interior panel work.

This one is in the rear of the car (just behind where the front seats would be.

Did more panel work on the dash…

I have also made the removable alloy panels for the top of the dash and the passenger foot-well area.

The alloy panel for the top of the transmission tunnel is also done, and I have completed the templates for the sides of the tunnel – I’ll get those cut out as soon as I can scab some more alloy sheet.

These will then need to be welded together.

I mocked up the dash pad, to make sure its all going to fit back as planned.  All is well 🙂

Now that all the interior panel stuff around the has been done, it was time to remove the motor so that I could get inside and finish welding up the tube work and panels.  And after 2hrs of welding non-stop, its almost done.  A few bits need to be ground down – but I’ll leave that for a time when its not so late at night.

These last pictures, while they are good progress, they are almost depressing – I’m almost back where I was a few months ago now the engine is out again….

At least from here, its a bit of grinding, a little more welding, then I could actually start preparing and painting the frame and panels.

I think first though I need to complete the very front end tubing (around the headlights and front bumper).  I was going to leave this part till later, but I really should do it now (Do it right the first time!).  I’ll then need to work out the radiator and inter-cooler mounts, then I can start painting!

Until next time…

More shed hours

Got some more shed time today, with the race car being the focus this time.

Quite a bit of time was spent cleaning up, so I could get the car back on the hoist.

She’s back home now…

First job was to get the new fuel pump and parts mounted.

Then it was onto finishing the firewall.

I’ve just got to make up a small section for around the exhaust.

Now I just have the upper dash section to do, then the motor can come out…