Month: February 2013

Engine is on the move

First job was to remove the under dash bar, to allow the motor to come back further.

Then got the engine and gearbox all disconnected, and have moved it back and lifter it up to where I think I want it to be.


As it sits here, the motor has now been moved back over 650mm from the stock location, with this shift moving it back 250mm from where it was last year.


Then it was onto designing the framework for the new trans tunnel.



And one more from the top.



There are a couple of bars in the floor that I’m going to change as well, then I’ll start building the tunnel tubes.



Rear chassis almost complete.

Needs two more bars, then need to fully weld it.

image image image

Next is to cut out the under dash bar and move the motor back, so that I can work out how big the transmission tunnel needs to be.

The last two bars in the rear end join up to the top of the tunnel, hence why they are not in yet.

Made some good progress getting JCs car back together on sat.  Roof mounted, sil rails finished, all the cage painted, firewall painted and floor painted.

image image image

All the fat is gone

And no, not from me – still working on that, its not as easy as getting the grinder out :/

The car is now 100% free of all factory steelwork.  The sign of a good nights work:


The chassis is now all cleaned up.  All of the roof, drivers side sil panel, b pillar etc are all off – i love my plasma cutter 🙂


Have mocked up the Carlos bar that i want to add in.


I wanted to check steering wheel clearance.  There are specific rules for this bar, so i cant just put it anywhere.


I’ll need to pop the seat back in and check, there is room but I’m not sure if its enough in a tank slapper when your hands are going everywhere.