Month: August 2015

Stop and go, all in the same weekend

Started with some things to make it go.

I made an adapter to use the stock S15 TPS (I have two of them, so can’t justify buying one of a different type to suit the throttle bodies.IMAG0562


Then switched to making it stop.

Got all of the brake lines setup on the rear end.



All of the lines are secured to the subframe


Machined up a little holder for the end of the banjo, to hold it place.



Then went back to work on making it go, wrapping the headers.


Machining day

Before:  Stock Nissan diff mount on the left, new solid mount on the right.



After: Stock rubber on the left, new lighter alloy solid mount after some time on the lathe.  🙂



Got another two of the rims sanded back and painted – couple more to go….



All of the rear end is now together, all of the alloy spacers either side of the rose joints are now done.  Apart from the couple of nuts missing in this pic, its all ready to bolt in once the shell is painted.


Making good progress, even though its slow progress…

More bits and peices


The sump guard is in progress, all of the mounts have been attached to the body shell.



The final suspension re-enforcement plates have been finished, and are now welded on.



The strut brace and its mounts are done as well, so getting to the final bits that will be welded to the shell, so getting closer to paint!



All of the front suspension is complete, ready to bolt in as soon as the chassis paint is complete.