Month: June 2014

More filler, more sanding, then metalwork, then repeat

After another few layers of primer filler, more sanding, more filling, the front is taking shape nicely.



Event hough they are actually 10mm smaller than the rears, they look so march larger!


The rear just needs one more final sand (I hope) and a coat of paint to get it glossy and it’s ready for a mould to be taken!  Then I start again on the other side :/



Between waiting for coats of filler and primer to dry, got stuck into making some little re-enforcement plates for each of the suspension pick-up points on the rear of the car.  These are going to take a beating over the years, so they need a bit so that they don’t crack due to fatigue.


Just need to drill the mounting holes back into them, linish them to make them pretty and add a splash of paint.




Change the roof scoop design too, cut the edges off and glued some strips of foam to it, which I’ll then profile into the new shape.  While there are more important things to do, I just couldn’t leave it as I wasn’t totally happy with it.



Flare development – again

Started the day with some work on the front flares.

Made a quick frame and attached it to the lip of the front guard.  The cut the lip off and spaced it out 40mm from the stock guards.  By the rules I can go 50mm wider, but considering the front camber will push the front track wider already, I don’t want the front track getting a lot wider than the rear – need as much rear grip as I can get!

Added a layer of fibreglass over it to make a new base, then covered it with filler.

IMAG1855 IMAG1856



Frame removed after the fibreglass was set.

IMAG1859 IMAG1860


While the filler was drying, it was time to make some more of the jack stand mounts and the rear hoop mount.


Almost there, just need to weld the sides and bottom if this internal plate.


The over engineered foot plate.  Where the hoop will sit is not over a very thick section of metal, so the foot plate extends to joint the chassis rail as well.


And that was 1/2 a day done…..  Need more hours or less jobs.


Rear Hubs Complete

While waiting for my roll cage tube to arrive (and in between building a new chicken pen) I kept working on the the rear hubs which are now completely assembled and are ready to go back onto the car.


Complete with new custom made alloy backing plates to keep the rocks out.

Still need to bold on the wheel scrapers, but need to wait until I have the rims before that can be done.



Another layer of primer/filler on the flares – getting there…..


A few more layers of filler and paint, and I can make a mould of it.  Then, assuming wheel clearances are ok after I cut out the inner fender, I can start work on the other side.

Now that the hubs are done, just need to finish cleaning up the rear subframe and bolt on the suspension arms to check all of the clearances.

Hubs and arms

One of the things that I need to do before I finalize the rear flares is to put enough of the rear suspension in the car that I can stick a wheel on, then make sure I’ve got enough clearance.

Both rear hubs are now done, and once the paint has fully dried I can bolt the discs and calipers on as well.

image image


Another part that I need for this wheel fitment is suspension arms.

First job was to make a jig that hold the stock arm, so that when I make this one all of the angles, sizes etc come out exactly the same.

Below is the first version of the lower A-rm is tacked together and ready for final welding.  Making use of different tube sizes I’ve ended up with an arm 1/2 the weight of the stock ones.  This one is still a fair bit heavier than my tarmac set from the S13, but these have been build far stronger, with larger tubes for the beating that they are going to get.  Time will tell if they are strong enough…