More filler, more sanding, then metalwork, then repeat

After another few layers of primer filler, more sanding, more filling, the front is taking shape nicely.



Event hough they are actually 10mm smaller than the rears, they look so march larger!


The rear just needs one more final sand (I hope) and a coat of paint to get it glossy and it’s ready for a mould to be taken!  Then I start again on the other side :/



Between waiting for coats of filler and primer to dry, got stuck into making some little re-enforcement plates for each of the suspension pick-up points on the rear of the car.  These are going to take a beating over the years, so they need a bit so that they don’t crack due to fatigue.


Just need to drill the mounting holes back into them, linish them to make them pretty and add a splash of paint.




Change the roof scoop design too, cut the edges off and glued some strips of foam to it, which I’ll then profile into the new shape.  While there are more important things to do, I just couldn’t leave it as I wasn’t totally happy with it.



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