Hubs and arms

One of the things that I need to do before I finalize the rear flares is to put enough of the rear suspension in the car that I can stick a wheel on, then make sure I’ve got enough clearance.

Both rear hubs are now done, and once the paint has fully dried I can bolt the discs and calipers on as well.

image image


Another part that I need for this wheel fitment is suspension arms.

First job was to make a jig that hold the stock arm, so that when I make this one all of the angles, sizes etc come out exactly the same.

Below is the first version of the lower A-rm is tacked together and ready for final welding.  Making use of different tube sizes I’ve ended up with an arm 1/2 the weight of the stock ones.  This one is still a fair bit heavier than my tarmac set from the S13, but these have been build far stronger, with larger tubes for the beating that they are going to get.  Time will tell if they are strong enough…




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