I’m back!

Back from the big adventure, and back to life again….

Only got a couple of hours in over the last week, but a little bit of progress is better than none.


Put about an hour in total putting some more layers of body filler onto the flares, then sanding it off again.  Thank god for air tools!






Also found that the rear leaf spring bushes from a certain Hilux fit the S15 knuckles after you machine them slightly shorter.  Two packs were $66 and available from supercheap autos rather than $87 per arm (3 per side – two sides!)  Such a rip that the nissan ones have less material in them, but are 5 times more expensive (these are all the same brand!)

So, because I’m cheap I popped each Hilux one in the lathe and cut them shorter.  At about 30 seconds per bush it was quick.

Linished up and painted one of the knuckles, fitted the bushes.  Next up is getting wheel bearings, as the ones from this car are now in the road car – as its ones were knackered…..





..Ohh, and making up the alloy crush tubes for inside the bushes (not sure if alloy will be too soft for this job, but its much lighter :))


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