Flare development – again

Started the day with some work on the front flares.

Made a quick frame and attached it to the lip of the front guard.  The cut the lip off and spaced it out 40mm from the stock guards.  By the rules I can go 50mm wider, but considering the front camber will push the front track wider already, I don’t want the front track getting a lot wider than the rear – need as much rear grip as I can get!

Added a layer of fibreglass over it to make a new base, then covered it with filler.

IMAG1855 IMAG1856



Frame removed after the fibreglass was set.

IMAG1859 IMAG1860


While the filler was drying, it was time to make some more of the jack stand mounts and the rear hoop mount.


Almost there, just need to weld the sides and bottom if this internal plate.


The over engineered foot plate.  Where the hoop will sit is not over a very thick section of metal, so the foot plate extends to joint the chassis rail as well.


And that was 1/2 a day done…..  Need more hours or less jobs.



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