Chassis mods begin.

Had a couple of shed hours tonight, so I got started.

The seat is out, the upper  firewall is out, roof and screen are off, all of the passenger side sil panel and B pilar etc are gone.


I was sure I had more, but I only had 2 cutting discs for the grinder, so the drivers side B pillar and sil panel will have to wait until tomorrow night.

The A pillars will come off at the same time.  The bits that are left on there are welded to the cage.


Hopefully tomorrow night I can get an hour of work in and I’ll get the rest of this cleaned up and start preparing the new bars that will go into the roll cage and get those tack welded in.


I’ve pulled my roof from the mold, some bits are a touch light (3.2kg total weight) and so are a bit flexi, so I’ll put a bit more fibreglass on some of the areas to stiffen it up.



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