Going all in…

I’m in a difficult spot right now.  The rear bodywork is wider, so the suspension arms need to be longer, and if I’m going to change them I want to change the rear end geometry, to do that I need to change the rear subframe, and when I do that I want the diff to be higher, this means that the gearbox and motor need to go up because the gearbox hangs too low and so that the tailshaft stays lined up with the higher diff, and this means the trans tunnel needs to be raised, and the under dash bar needs to be raised so that I can raise the motor, and this means new engine and gearbox mounts, so with the under dash bar going higher the motor can come back more, and so it goes…..

So to do it right, a lot needs to be done.  I really want to add more hollywood to the car, and have it really nice and have it right – rather than compromised because its easier.


So last night, while waiting for the first coat of epoxy to set on the roof layup, I started stripping the rest of the car.



Love the fact that 10 bolts on the front end gets it looking like this…



Doors are also off, all the electrics are bolted, the trans tunnel is apart, the passenger side firewall is off.  Amazing what you can pull off a car in 30 minutes.


This would be a nice ride height 🙂


So I’ll cut the roof off first, then start adding new bars for the cage, then start on the rear end framework.


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