Rear suspension arms, version 2

Started version 2 of the lower control arms, lighter and stronger.


Since building the other arms, the rims have changed and I have widened the track a bit more, so these needed to be longer.

Have also started on all of the other arms in the rear of the car.  I don’t have a bender for the smaller diameter moly tube, so version 1 of this arm is just a modified stock arm.


Coming together.


Also started on the spacer for the drive shafts.  As its a bit wider than stock, it needs longer drive shafts.  Again, version 1 is going to be an adaptor, version 2 will happen when I find some longer shafts that will fit these CV joints.

Started with a square billet of alloy, and then started the process of removing 80% of it….

IMAG0232  IMAG0234  IMAG0259 IMAG0263

And finally, all fitted up.


Managed to find a front bumper for $10, very happy with that price.  It was snapped in half, but nothing some fibreglass, screws, bits of metal and body filler can’t fix!  This will be the buck, will take a mold of this and then make a nice light front bumper.


And I still hadn’t finished cleaning up the shed that I started last weekend, so did a bunch more of that too.

This is the first time I’ve seen the top of this bench in years!  Thanks wifey.


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