New World Record!

Two shed nights in a row!

Gearbox mount is done, although it looks nothing like what it did yesterday.  I figured out that flipping it upside down (in concept) would mean that I could take advantage of the strength of the small tube, and make the whole thing a lot lighter.  So, the bracket go all cut up, and I started welding again…

So now, this tube bolts to the gearbox.

And the tabs are on the main gearbox x-member

So, when they are together…


Sorry for the poor pic quality – iPhones taking photo’s under torch light doesn’t lend itself to quality.

It’s really starting to annoy me that I don’t have my proper lights in the shed put up yet. Out in the open area’s its not too bad, but trying to assemble parts under the car is giving me the ……….

So maybe tomorrow night needs to be dedicated to lights, instead of car.  I feel Diversions, part 5 coming on.

Anyway, the gearbox mount is all done, all painted up and fitted!


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