Shed time!

Well, it was only 1.5hrs, but got a bit done tonight on the gearbox mount.

Machined the alloy crush tube, the outer moly tube, cut and welded the bracket.

The bracket needs some little braces and a finish off (round off the corners, etc), but its almost there.

As for how these bits go together….   The larger bracket bolts to the gearbox with the studs.  The purple poly pieces go inside the large tube.  The alloy tube goes inside all of this.  The bolt goes through the tabs on the main bracket, and through the alloy tube, locking it all together.  The final piece of the puzzle – the larger tube will be welded onto the gearbox cross member, that is bolted to the shell of the car.

The engine mounts that I have already done are the same configuration.

Until next time.


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