I have seen, the light…

This really should have been “Diversions – Part 5 of 4,675,432”, but I’m too excited, so needed a better title!

I’ve been growing increasingly frustrated when trying to work under the car at night, under the light of a torch, so after mowing the lawn, concreting in the posts for Jo’s new half wall outside, I started.

First off, cheers to Shane for giving these fluros that he pulled out of his place during his renovations.  Each fluro is a twin, 36w job, and I’ve mounted one one each side of the posts of the hoist (4 twins in total!)  I’ve still got some minor cleaning up of wiring to do, but its effectively done.

And its BRIGHT!!!!   I think that I could easily remove one tube from each fluro and still have heaps of light!

It’s so bright under there now that even with my iPhone, taking a photo of under the car looks like

Just a random shot, for good measure…

So, off to Bunnings tomorrow to get a couple of little bits to finish it off, pending my F1 commitments of course 🙂

I can’t wait until I get the shed wall/roof insulation done, so that I can get the lights on the roof done.


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