It’s back to school time

Today’s newest acquisition

Once the firewall has been rebuilt in the car, the next job is getting the bonnet, bumper and other related cooling areas modified so that the car can be repainted.  So while the weather is hot, some time will be spent working out the most efficient way to get air into the radiator and intercooler, and how to get it out as fast as possible, hopefully adding downforce at the same time (or at a minimum, not creating any lift).

This book goes much further than that, with wings, splitters, undertrays, diffusers etc all covered, and these area’s will be exploited after the car is back running again, as they are all areas that can easily be added on later.

With the aero experimenting that I have done so far, the biggest challenger in all of this is going to be getting enough front downforce to be able to match the downforce from the rear diffuser and wing.  This is the reason why I’m investing time now to get the cooling intakes and exits as best as they can be (as they are all in the front).



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