Flintstones, meet the Flintstones…

The chassis rails and floor on the car is really beat up, from many rounds of mods, from racetrack kerbs, and off-road excursions :/

One of the things that I keep promising myself this build, it to do it right the first time.  I too often get caught up on deadlines (ie events) and build it to a level to meet the event date.  Looking at the effort that is was going to take to repair the floor, I decided to just cut it out and make my own one, both lighter and stiffer than the previous one.

Doing this also gives me the advantage of building a totally flat floor for the underside of the car – good for aero!  With the current floor, I would have to have two floors to make the lower one flat – and that’s weight that I don’t want.

The white tape, and wire are mockups for where the new bar work will be.

Another plus of re-doing the floor is that I can get everything inside (including me) down lower another 30-40mm.  Better for CofG.

Now, we need to work out what tube sizes I’ll be using, to meet the target strength and weight.



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