Move along, nothing to see here

No pictures, but got another couple of hours of work done this afternoon.  Got the rest of the floor sections accurately trimmed, including removing the floor from under the roll cage foot plates.  I want to connect the lower bars directly to these foot plates, rather than just attaching it to the sheet metal on the floor – for max strength.  Also welded up a lot of sections of the cage that could not be reached when the floor is in place.

I’ve also removed the rest of the wiring loom from the car, to get it all out of the way while welding etc.

Have also done all of the measurements and weight calculations for the floor tubes.  From the diff through to the under dash bar, all of the tubing will be about 14kg.  This includes items like the seat mounts.  I’ve already taken about 18kg out, and the front seat rails are still in on both sides, as is the tunnel (left in for reference for now).  As soon as the main tubes are tacked in and all sized, the rest of the seat bars and the tunnel will be cut out.  So I’m on target to be a little lighter, or worst case the same.  The difference now being, is that there will not have to be the extra 10kg of underfloor for the aerodynamics.

I’ve also designed the new tubes for replacing the front end.  This is a reasonably large chunk of work to now, but I might do it anyway, as it will be more work and more difficult later…  Time will tell.

Need to make a 100% choice on colour for the car and go and buy a small amount of it, as there are a number of items that I will be able to paint now, that I won’t be able to reach once the floor and firewall goes back in.

So, need to go borrow a tube bender and buy some moly tube tomorrow, cause I’m ready to start!


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