Stop Stressing!!!

Ahhhh, don’t you just love corny titles…

The last two nights has been devoted to getting ready for building the new floor frame.

Picked up the bender last night (Thanks Neil!!!), tonight’s been design work, optimizing the tube sizes for max strength and min weight.  I’m getting the hang of SolidWorks now, and while this is not the full cage, its a sample of how its coming along under a stress test simulation if the car was hit in the passenger side A pillar at a 45deg angle.

I’ve got some more bars to add to finish the cage, and the floor design, will get that done tomorrow night and then the analysis starts.  Substituting smaller tubes into the areas of low stress, and adding bigger ones to the areas of max stress, all while applying different forces, simulating different things – like hitting a curb, different crashes, roll movements, etc.


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