In the dog house

Yesterday I managed to go and get the majority of the Chrome-Moly tube that I need for the floor.

After getting home, I was banished to the shed – so I went to work.

Mounted the bender and had a crack at bending the tube – it wrinkled 😦   The bender works fantastically on thicker wall CDS tubing, but not on this thin stuff in moly.

I wanted to have nice little bends in the tube at the ends, so it nicely lowers the floor a little bit more.  Can’t do that, so, onto plan B….

The main cross is now tacked in place, and I put the motor back in to check how everything sits.

Once it started getting late, I stopped using the angle grinder, and layed down under the car to plan out how to do the next bits.  After that nice little rest, I started on the new pedal box.  This new one is going to be floor mounted, as it give me more room for the engine up under the dash.

The accel, brake and clutch pedal parts all cut out.  Still have the base plate to cut out, but its all marked and ready to go.  Next thing to do with these is to start drilling holes in the accel and clutch pedal parts to make them lighter.


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