A history lesson – Brakes

The idea behind me doing this was to chronicle what I’m building.  As I’m still on the couch sick, nothing new is being done, so I thought I’d share some old pics.

These are from the big brake upgrade of 2004 (And they have since been upgraded again, twice :))

Burning the old bushes out of the knuckles – this stuff stinks.  Of course, with my usual knack of wanting to make my life harder, I also swapped out all the rear bushes with nolathane at this point too.

Front end all apart…

New Z32 calipers, all painted up with nowhere to go.

Rear caliper, after painting and re-assembly

All corners assembled and ready for fitting.

Ohh, and the rims in the post above, looked like this after being sanded down and repainted.  During this swap I went from the 4 stud to the 5 stud pattern.

The 5 stud swap used s15 lower control arms, which are longer.  nice for camber, not for tie rod length.  New longer ones were needed.

Rear brakes assembled.  New bushes and everything are in place.  Yes, I’ve got no shoes on.  I’m just glad that its a downward camera angle.

Front brakes done.

There is a bit of irony in this shot above, stock s13 front suspension and AP600 Racing brake fluid…

All back together, new brakes all round, suspension bushes, rack ends and rims

Her old home….

And just for some more useless nostalga

My first ever pair of R-Comp tyres – secondhand of course.

On our next trip down memory lane we’ll get into some of the more serious stuff.

PS – a special one for you JC.


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