The LONG drive back

Let me reset the scene.

10km to go until we get to the final control and the finish line.  The car is surging on left handers, and I can hear the fuel pump changing tone.  I tell Megs that I’m not sure if we are going to make it back..

So, I channelled all of my fuel saving skills from watching many hours of Nascar, and put in a fuel saving run that Carl Edwards would be proud of.

Waiting at an intersection, engine off.  As soon as we got up to speed, engine off, any downhill, engine off (thank god for electric power steering :)).  We probably made it back to Nannup with the engine off for about 70% of the time.

We get to the final control, and had officially finished – phew!

As we had ended up at the very tail of the field, we were much later than expected in getting back in.  I’ve got officials left and right trying to rush me back to the service park.  I’m thinking, hold your horses, we can go back and park at the back of the line of cars at any time – what’s the big rush?

We wander back to the main service park, and when we drive in Dave says ‘ Well done!’.  At this point I’m a little confused.  Raz was much faster than us today, and I hadn’t looked at any other times, but was wasn’t expecting what he said next.  “For what?” I ask.

“You’ve Won!”

Wow, I was expecting an answer like ‘You’ve finished the event!’, not that.  Now at least I understand what all the rush was about – Wish someone had actually told me.


Within seconds Terry had his microphone in my mouth and was bombarding me with questions, for the most part I don’t even remember what I said.  Now that I don’t have that pressure of public speaking, here is what I would like to say…


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