The final 3 – SS17, 18, 19

Ok, time to give it a bit push now – Healthway Loop 2.  I’ve since watched the in car videos, and by the 1.5km mark I’m already 3 seconds faster than my first run – game on?


Then I get the call from Megs – SOS in 450m shows on the rally safe.  Ok, keep counting it down for me.  It then disappears, so we get back on it.

It reappears in another hundred meters, and we get the countdown from about 300m all the way to the site.  We are the second car to arrive, so our job is to gather an info that we can, and get to the next SOS radio point to relay the info.

We get as many details as we can from the official that was there, and we are off to the next SOS point.  We’ve got about 3km to go, so we stay on it enough to be fast, but slow enough that we don’t go off as well.

Finally we get to the SOS point, and while stopping, tooting my horn and waving at them to come over to us, I nearly drop the front of the car into a ditch in front of us – would have been embarrassing….

After relaying the info to them, I move the car into a safer spot, and we get out and go and sit with the officials and their radio, just in case there is any more info that they need.  After they have it all sorted out, we get released by rally base to transport through the rest of the stage.  We stop at the finish while the officials get confirmation on is we can get to the next stage, or if we need to go straight to SS19.

In the end, the decision is to go to SS18, Folley 2.  Megs is still a bit nervous after seeing all that, so we take this next stage with more caution than the previous stage.  We loose a chunk of time, but we finish.

So, SS19 – the last stage!

We are now at the back of the field, and we are behind some much slower cars.  I ask for a 3 minute gap to the car in front of us, with Rally Base granting us a 4 minute gap – Thanks!  I’m glad we got it, because we caught that car by over 2 mins 20, so we would have caught them, despite the dramas that we had.

OK, that’s good – less worried about having to pass them on stage.  Then as we start the stage it starts to rain – great!

About 1/2 way through the stage, on a long left hander – fuel surge…  Ohh no….

Every left the car would lean out, meaning a bit lift from me to make sure I don’t hurt the engine.  A very frustrating stage as it felt like we were losing minutes. In the end it wasn’t that bad, but we do lose another 20 seconds.

As we cross the finish line I shut the motor off.  I spent a bit of time designing the fuel cell use every last bit of fuel – so assuming that work has paid off, we are nearly out of fuel with another 10 odd kms to go to get back to the finish at Nannup – I’m not sure we can make this….


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