SS14, 15, 16

Before we get out to SS14 we have a service. Nothing much to do to the car, but during chatting, Jo starts talking about the results.

“What time did you get on Brockman? Raz beat you by 50 seconds according to the results!”  We check the photo we have of our time card, and its correct.  Hmm, ok, I need to pull my finger out then!

Healthway Loop 1.  We start this stage with a concious effort of trying to start pushing the car and myself a bit harder. We have a look at the time at the end of the stage, only down by 8 seconds this time.  Ok, that’s closer at least.


Photo courtesy of Drift Images (


I’m a little bit torn at this point.  We have about 3 weeks till the next event (so about 2 weeks until scrutiny), so almost no time to fix anything at all, so I really can’t afford to stick it off the road.  But at the same time, you always want to ‘win’.

SS15, Ellis 2.  We go out at the same pace as we did on the previous stage, and end up around the same time per km behind.

SS16 Brockman 2.  At last, a repeat stage.  I’m a lot more confident with my notes on the second pass, as we have done it at speed before and have made additions / changes where needed.  33 seconds faster than my first run, and still comfortable at this pace – no mistakes, no running wide.  We are the closest that we have been all event to Raz, in terms of time lost per km.  Lets push a bit harder the next stage and see what happens.


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