The thankyou list

Wow, what a ride.  Was not expecting this result so early – and it has not come easily.

Firstly, to my Wife and kids, thanks for allowing me to skip things like mowing the lawn and all of the other outside jobs that I haven’t done, so that I could spend the time in the shed making this car the best I could make it.

Secondly, to Megs, such an awesome job for your first ever event with pace notes.  You were super organised all weekend, and that takes a lot of stress off me because I can worry about the car, while you worry about where we need to go and when.  Your calling of the notes was exceptional, you have so quickly learnt how to call them out for me at the right pace, and I know we will just get better and better every event that we do.  I’m very impressed!

To my extended family, thanks for all of your help, and your time over the weekend to service for us, cook for us, or to just stand around cracking jokes at us – you know who you are!

A special quick mention to Luke from MCA that we abducted from the service park, thanks so much for your help in getting our damper back into a working state, so that we could finish the event!


If you have a business that is interested in sponsoring us, please get in contact!


To all of my supporters:


A big thanks to Shannon at Tune Corp for the tune on the engine.  Normally a v8 man, he did an awesome job in tuning this stock engine to produce the 140hp at the tyres that it has – its low, yes, but this engine had just over 100hp in stock trim, Shannon has extracted the rest, all with a safe tune.  Visit  Tune Corp to see the 800+hp cars that he does on a daily basis.




To Shane, at Tyreways Bentley – thanks so much for all of your help, every time that we need it.  Getting us tyres, wheel alignments, setup advice and all the swapping of tyres onto and off of rim that you do for us.




To Matt at AutoPro Canningvale, thanks for always looking after me, ordering in all the random parts that I’m after and for the great service from you and your team.  That banjo bolt that I you ordered in for me just before the event was the only reason that we finished the event!  Go and see the team for any of your auto parts needs.



To the team at Rent WA, thanks for the rental truck for the weekend, it meant that we were able to carry a lot of spares and we were well prepared for any situation because of this.  For all of your commercial rental needs, see RentWA




To Mike at Artek Signs and Designs, for all of the sticker work that you did for us. Artek Signs do all types of commercial  work, go and see them for all of your large commercial sign writing jobs.



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