SS7 – Koala 2 and SS8 – Ferndale 2

Second Run of Koala was about 7 seconds faster, over a second per km better than the first run, we are slowly improving.  Still sitting 8th fastest in the state.


Photo courtesy of Artline Media (

Next was the one that I was waiting for, talked about by many as their favourite stage – Ferndale.  We didn’t get it run it the first time, so had nothing to compare my time to, but we moved up a place to 7th in the state so we are slowing improving.  I really liked this stage, nice and long and a mix of tight switchbacks in the side of a cliff, and open fast sections in the bottom of the valley.

I’m not sure exactly how far into the stage it was, but there was a left hairpin where some TV guys were, we slid in nicely, trying to impress the cameras, struggled up the hill, through a couple of right handers and then the next left turns were not quite right.

Ohh no, not a flat..

No, its not that bad, maybe its going down slowly?

Each left hander after that stayed about the same for the rest of the stage.  The car was sliding in the rear a lot more than it had been in the first part of the stage, but the ground didn’t look any slipperier.  We keep going, and it didn’t get any worse so we adapted our driving to not load up the right rear so much, and finished the stage without it feeling a lot worse – but something wasn’t right.

End of the stage, pulled over on the transport and checked the rear tyre, still at proper pressure, kicked a few things, nothing moved – hmm, maybe its just me?

Driving back into town it was slowly feeling worse and worse in the rear right, something is not right.  We got to the Nanup Oval stage, and lined up for our run.  As soon as I launched on the tarmac on the Nanup Oval stage I knew the problem….



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