SS9 and 10 – Nannup Oval

3, 2, 1, go!

Launched off the start on the tarmac, the right rear sits right down instantly, ohh no, the damper is gone.

Turn into the first corner, you start on the tarmac, mount a kerb mid corner and then it is dirt.  It is the most cut up section of the weekend, and get a HUGE understeer, then once all of that was sorted out lots of wheelspin in the soft sandy dust.  Need to do that better next run…..

Turn into the right hander, you jump off the grass, over another kerb and back into the tarmac.


Photo courtesy of CMR Photographic (


A long left through the carpark, into a long right that changes to gravel after a little jump.

Capturesdf.JPGPhoto courtesy of Alan Bird Photography (


A nice, long right hand slide, that turns into a quick left/right through the finish.  That last section was actually a lot of fun, having a dead shock means a big, big slide into the left under brakes – backing it in from that far back (by accident) was fun.


Run 2 was straight after, and was much the same story.  Did the first corner with a really different line, trying to keep it straighter though the boggy bit.  Waisted my time cause I still got a big under steer and nearly got bogged again – oh well….

Pushed harder through the carpark, another understeer – this is going well….

Lets try 3rd gear through the long right on the dirt, try get some bigger rooster tails – lots of limiter, not as sideways – another fail….

Another big slide into the left, flick right through the finish line – ohh well, at least that last bit was fun.

Time for final service, and what has happened to my damper!




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