Service C

Safely back to the service park, just parked outside waiting for our in time.  Wondering around the car, checking things, a push on the left front tyre reviled a lot more movement than there should be.  hmmm…

Just loose wheel nuts maybe, nope.

Ohh no, not suspension…  Climb under the car – nope.

Loose bolts where the shock joins the hub?  nope.

Got Megs to rock the wheel while I as under the car – hmm, wheel bearing…..


Beau had wandered down to see us, so I got him to grab the spare knuckle, and pull the wheel bearing off it, just incase we need it.  I was hoping that the main nut holding it on was just loose, and it had not ruined the bearings or stub axle.


Once we got into service and got it jacked up, pulled off the cover on the axle and yes, loose nut.  Checked the rest of the bearing and the stub axle and tightened the nut.  Then hammered the side end of the nut back against the flat on the stub axle to stop it from loosening again (no split pins here unfortunately :()

Luckily a 2 minute fix, and we are good to go again.  Some lunch and a drink, and we are ready to go again.


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