Sunday – the day of rest?

Got some more hours outside on Sunday very late arvo / night.  After mowing the lawn, doing some reticulation work etc – then it was time!

Got the rest of the sealant out of the boot area and got all of that cleaned up.   Also took another lot of material out of the parcel shelf – all the “unused brackets” as per the regs 🙂




Then finished all of the panel beating on the front end to get the rest of that all lined up, then welded it on.




After that it was play time.  I used the fibreglass molds of the roof scoop that I made, and the mold I tool from the front 1/4 panels to make some fibreglass parts to use as the basis for shaping up parts on the car.

First up was roof scoop:

IMAG0090 IMAG0089


I’ve glued it on, so that I can start reshaping it slightly.  Once that is done I’ll take a mold off it, and then produce the final scoop.


Then, for some fun I started the top section of the rear flares – just sticky taped on at this stage, but….




Then to waste a little bit more time, put one of the Falcon’s tyres in the hole.

IMAG0096 IMAG0095


The pics really don’t show it, but its going to look tough pumped out by 50mm per side!


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