Last months updates

Nothing hugely exciting, just a random selection of different items were started to try out some ideas.

I have a old LED trailer light that was broken, so cut it up and made some replacement globes for the tail lights and side indicators.


While the epoxy was drying on those, moved onto putting filler onto the roof rent, so that I can re-profile it a bit.  Once I’m happy with the shape, I’ll take a fiberglass mold of it and make the new, lightweight roof scoop.


Next up was making a roll cage out of masking tape.  I’ve made a small scale model of the cage, next was to try out the concepts in full size and to scale.

First up was the locations of the side intrusion bars and the head bar.  There are rules as to how much of the door opening these are allowed to take up – so as ever I’m pushing these to the absolute limit.  Here is the current plan.


Here is the view through the back window, going with the WRC style V roof bars and V rear leg bars.


Inside view


Roof area detail.  Trying to tie every join into another join, and to close up the side and front window apertures as much as possible for maximum strength.


Inside view from the passenger side.


Pretty happy with how it all fits in.  Just need to make sure that it works when the A-pillar bars are located in such a way that they don’t impact my vision looking forwards.  From the drivers seat, I want those bars to fit inside the factory A-pillar, so that they don’t block out any more of my forward vision.


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