Feeling BLUE

The last two weeks have been busy getting the rally falcon ready for its first dirt event next month (The kids have nicknamed it BLUE – Big Loud Ugly Edifice).

I spent 30 minutes tonight getting some parts finished off to make the engine mounts and support frame.


I’ll better explain what they are once I start building them into the chassis.  They will be used to mount this frame in place (mocked up with masking tape in later pictures).

I got one more tube into the front end chassis too.  One more tube and the main chassis part is complete.

image image

One thing that I needed was somewhere to attach the engine mounts too, and to also add a lot more strength into the chassis around the motor.  Where the motor sits is a large hole in the structure, but as the engine drops out the bottom, anything below it needs to be removable.

Here are some initial design mock-ups, in my favorite substitute for chrome-molt tubing.


I have to decide between the masking tape version or the red electrical tape version in that front part of the chassis.  I think this will come down to where the front shocks will be mounted – which is undecided at this point…  I’ll make the part under the motor first, add the engine mounts to that, then build the front portion when the shock mounting location are confirmed.

Last weekend I also got another strip of insulation and two more lights mounted to the roof and wired up – It was too dark to work on the Falcon in this middle part of the shed at night, as previously I only had the lights done at each end, where the Sil is and where the main work bench is.  Its so much brighter with just these two done and I’ve still got another 7 lights to go on the roof – can’t wait for that!  I don’t realize how dark it is until I add another light in there.


I need to get these engine mount done, so I can take the Sil off the hoist and put the Falcon on the hoist – all this laying on the ground under a car sux, especially when the next step is welding under there!


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