Project: Clear the hoist

Most of the day was dedicated to the Falcon again, but I spent an hour getting the chassis ready to get it off the hoist, so the Falcon can go on.

Got the removable frame in.  In the apex of each tube, you can see the parts that I finished off last night, so you can see how they have been used.


The frame also pics up the front of the gearbox as a mounting point.


Then I did a bit on the drivers side engine mount.


I’ve gone a different strategy to the last engine mounts that I built.  These ones have been made with material 2mm at its thickest – so even though its looks like there is a lot there, its all really light.



Because of the angles of everything, the engine mount needs to unbolt from the removable frame.  The plate will be welded to the removable frame, then a bolt will go through this plate, the tube and then through another plate on the other side.



Next job is two small tubes need to go in where the red tape is.  This will tie everything together, and will be where the shocks attach, so needs to be really strong.



With 10 mins to go before I ended the night, I started playing with the shock mount options.  I think this is the approximate location of the final shock position.

image image image image

Where the shocks are is approximate, they are only cable tied on so they aren’t central or lined up with each other.  During this exercise I’ve also seen that I will need to rotate the steering rack a little bit to lower the steering shaft exit point, so that it will clear the shocks.

Thanks all for now, hopefully I can find the motivation to do a couple of hours tomorrow night to finish the engine mounts, pull the motor out and get it all off the hoist – might be a bit optimistic for a week night….


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