New front end

Last night I started on the new front end framework for the car.  I’ve spent a number of nights working out the suspension geometry that I want to run, working out the suspension mounting points, chassis heights and widths etc – Hopefully I’ve got it right…

The front end is going to run the same type of suspension that I’m building for the rear end, so here we go.

Started off making one end, then tack welded that to the bench and started making the cross tubes and end tubes.


Front section almost complete, just needs one more bar above the cross in the front.


Then it was time to get it lined up in the front end.  Do do this, I cut out some of the central tubes in the chassis, and then sat this in place.


It ended up being too hard to work with without an accurate ground plane reference, so I lowered it down off the rotisserie  and leveled it up on the ground at its final ride height.


Then made a platform at the correct height for the front end to sit on, then spend ages getting it all lined up, central and square.


Then its a simple case of joining up the tubes from the original chassis to the new section, and removing old sections when they are no longer needed as reference points.


This is how it sits now, just a few more tubes to go.


Next up is to work out where to put the cross bracing in this new section.  The large ‘hole’ between the tubes here is one of the areas that needs a cross brace.


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