Rear hubs

Started working on the rear hubs.  Once these are done I can work on the suspension arm mounting points on the chassis.

It starts with some flat 5mm plate, then some time on the lathe.


Second one done.


All of the loads from the wheel are going to be transferred to where these hubs bolt onto the plate.  So I wanted to connect the front plate to the back plate (you’ll see that later) and keep this whole box section connected.


Next up was the make the bottom mount, where the suspension arm will join the hub.


Machined up a little button, and threaded it.  This setup means that I don’t have to put a nut on the end of the bolt, this machined part will be the nut.


Here is where its going to go.


And then ll done.


Then made a plate to connect the mount to the main plate.

image image

Then worked on the rear plate, here it is welded on.


Then all linished up and milled out to allow the drive shaft to fit.


Then lastly added a V-shaped brace on the inside, connecting the mount to two of the tubes on the main plate.


The next thing I need to work out is the brake caliper mount.  Once that is done I can put the sides on the currently open box shape.  After that its the same thing with the upper mounting point.


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