Mini update


The wire for my GPS arial broke last year, so I ordered a new one.  This one is much lighter and bolts into the roof (the magnet mount of the last one won’t stick to carbon fibre).  I was disappointed to find that this 70 gram item had a big 20 gram steel nut to hold it on.  So I made a plastic one, using a combination of the mill and the lathe.

I’m super happy how this came out!




I built another shelf…



And made up all of the corner gussets by folding a nice curve in the using the press and  folding jig that I made.

image image


Also made up the plates for the side intrusion bars and welded all those in.



I also spent a couple of hours welding everything up on the chassis.

The basic chassis metal work is now complete (for now).  So next job is to finish the steering (picked up the last bit that I needed today), and get the mounts made for the rear suspension.  The frame can then be cleaned up and painted.


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