All about water

Last night I spent a lot of time making parts, but didn’t really make a lot of visible progress.  In the same time that I took to bolt in the engine, gearbox suspension and steering, I made a couple of parts…

Firstly, I made a new inlet pipe for the coolant to go into the motor.  The last one that I had made was coming out on a much larger angle, where as this one is much straighter, enabling me to move the water pump into a location where there is less stuff getting in the way.

(Its the black bit in the center of the pic with the hose connected to it)

I was then ready to fit the water pump, hopefully for the final time.  First I had to flush out the radiator with water, to make sure that is was clean of any metal shavings after I had cut it open and re-welded the outlets.

Then it was time to fit it all in.


I then made the outlet for the coolant, which is on the opposite side of the motor (the one above was the water in, this next one is the water out)

This weird looking thing is a combination of an S15 water outlet and an S13 water outlet that have been cut up and grafted back together in a completely different shape.  The paint it still wet in this photo, hence the shine, but you get the idea of what a strange shape it had to be.


Next on the list it to graft this old S13 water inlet, to become part of the coolant swirl tank. I can then make the mount for this tank and get the coolant system finished!


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