A big night…

JC came around to give me hand on the car.  Together we got a stack done! (of talking that is :))

The engine and gearbox are now back in the car, hopefully they wont have to be removed again.  We’ve already learnt so much from this that will be better on the next car!

We also sorted out where all of the water pipes, water pump, air intake, intercooling piping etc will run. Next job for me is to start making them.

Then we got all of the steering rack etc in and bolted up, then got the steering wheel etc all mounted as well.


I then did the final cuts on the strut top mounts, so that was out of the way and I could then mount the suspension.

Finally starting to resemble a car again.

I’ve got the new brake calipers mocked up in position, one of the next jobs is to create the new ‘dog bones’ to hold these on.  Might start to tackle that one tonight, along with finishing mounting the water pump, now that I have bought another piece of radiator hose today that should be the right angled bend to make it all fit – I’ve changed my mind on the original mounting spot, and will now modify a couple of bits to move where its located as its going to make the whole setup much nicer.


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