More water

Being sick for the last week has really hurt my progress, but was finally well enough to do a couple of hours last night.

The water systems in the car are now about 95% done.  I just have one mount to make and  a couple of tidy up bits to do.

The swirl pot is now all mounted and plumbed into the radiator.

In order to get a water hose that fitted right, I had to machine up an alloy adapter so that I could join two of the rubber hoses together.

The vent lines in the top of the pic above also need to be tied together nicely where they run across the front of the motor.

I’ve filled up the system with water, and tested the electric water out to make sure that was all working.  It really pumps a large volume of water around the motor!

I’ve also trial fitted the electric radiator fan, to see how that’s all going to work.  More on that soon.  Hopefully I can finish the water system off tonight, so that I can start on the intake piping on Friday night.  After that, I need to do the engine computer and fuel lines, then I can try and start it!


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