New towers

Got another 2hrs of work done, this time the front end tubing up to the top of the strut towers.

I machined up the larges rings for the top of the towers, cut out the standard strut top and tack welded the new one in.  Then I made the tubes that run from the strut top to the other parts of the car.

This large ring will have a top welded onto it, where the top of the suspension will mount.

Half of the original strut top mounting plate won’t be used with this new mount, as I’ll be integrating two of the parts into a single piece, without losing any adjust-ability.  The joys of a specific build – rather than having to contend with ‘standard / mass production’ parts and way’s of doing things.


Another view


So next job tomorrow is to do this same thing to the other side of the car, connect up the last few bits of chassis tubing on the other side, then make the new top plates.


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